Steve Szabo

2011 Candidate for PVREA Director from Boulder County


Why I'm running for the PVREA Board

  1. Reduce your total energy costs.

  2. Improve reliability, financial strength, and customer service. 

  3. Develop cost effective clean energy sources.

  4. Create jobs for our community.

My Experience and Service

  1. For 28 years specialized in utility protection, maintenance, restoration, and disaster recovery.

  2. Expertly led restoration of telecommunication services in New York City after 9/11.

  3. Organic grower near Longmont. 

  4. PVREA member since 2003.

  5. Attended PVREA board meetings since 2005 to gain knowledge of our REA and its operations.

  6. Four years in the US Navy, including Vietnam.

  7. 9 years on the Finance Committee and Board of Directors of the I Have A Dream Foundation of Boulder County.

With sincere thanks for your vote,

Steve Szabo

Please vote for me, Steve Szabo

I am running for the PVREA Board of Directors (Boulder County position*)

I have the drive, experience, and leadership skills to serve you best.

Please download or view a copy of my election flier. Click hereSteve_Szabo_files/pvp-steve-Mailer-2011.pdf