Jan Peterson

2011 Candidate for PVREA Director


We Can Insure Affordable, Reliable Electricity ...

In this time of economic crisis, it is important to focus on ways to insure that PVREA continues to provide affordable electricity to its members. I have a specific list of 10 proposals that work within emerging trends of power generation intended to accomplish just that, including the following:

  1. Promote demand side management with incentives for conservation and load-shifting strategies.

  2. Consider building our own photovoltaic farm with individual panels rented to members or investors.

  3. Use private business power purchase agreements to finance renewable energy at zero up-front cost to the co-op.

With rapid changes occurring in the electrical industry, simply doing things the same old way will not work. Costs associated with coal-fired power production are going up, and costs of renewable power production are falling. In the last year alone, the price of photovoltaic panels has dropped 40-50%.

… Inventively and Cooperatively

I have faith that Americans acting together can solve any problem.  I spent summers as a teenager at my uncle’s farm. I remember local farmers banding together each fall to help one another harvest and store their crops, one farm at a time, neighbor helping neighbor, free enterprise with a shared sense of community. This is the type of cooperation I would like to see OUR co-op engage in and that I will work towards if you elect me to the PVREA board.

Please vote for me, Jan Peterson

A PVREA member since 1993, I am an architect and planner with decades of experience in the design of affordable energy-efficient buildings.  (One of the homes I’ve designed is pictured above.)  PVREA can use my experience to its advantage.  Questions?  Please phone me at  970-988-0443.

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and for my specific list of ten proposals.Jan_Peterson_files/2010_PVREA-10%20proposals.pdf
View or download my 2011 election flier.  Please click here.Jan_Peterson_files/pvp-jan-handout2.pdf